Drop 5kg and look freakin’ amazing! 🌟

For women 40+




The Secret is OUT!

Are you a woman 40+ looking to effortlessly drop 5kg or more?

Without fasting, carb cutting, and boring cardio?

Then you better buckle up, beauties! Because you'll be driving those kilos off the weight-loss cliff!


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Lose 5kg in just 6 Weeks!

Are you finally ready to kick those pesky 5kg to the curb and become the absolute sensation everyone can't stop talking about? 

Especially now that you're rocking those fabulous 40s or 50’s - it's time to bring your A-game!

With me, Wendy, as your sassy and savvy coach, we're not just on a weight loss mission; oh no, we're crafting a brand new, show-stopping you.

But don’t say I didn’t warn you!  Prepare to be the talk of the town.

Whether it's going out with friends, dazzling everyone at functions, or just sashaying through your day with an unstoppable vibe, you're about to become a walking, talking testament to what happens when fierce determination meets expert guidance.


The No-Nonsense Weight Loss Revolution for Women Over 40!

 This isn’t just a feel-good vibe; it’s a full-on, head-to-toe sass fest. You're not just feeling fantastic inside; you're strutting your fabulousness for the world to see, owning every bit of that irresistible, sizzling hot confidence.

Confidence That Roars

Because age is just a sparkle: you're now more than incredible – you're UNSTOPPABLE, and It's time the world saw it!

Hormone Harmony

I'm all about balancing those tricky hormones, turning your body into a fine-tuned, feel-good machine.

Forget the Fads

No more carb-cutting, fasting marathons, or endless hours at the gym. This is about smart, sustainable change.

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Rapid Reset

Feeling like your metabolism is in a slump? This plan is more than a diet; it's a rapid reset button to lose weight quickly & effortlessly.


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Fit + Fearless in 6 Weeks

Lose 5kg in 6 Weeks. Unlock your fat-burning potential and achieve the healthy, confident, and vibrant life you deserve.


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Online Coaching

Elevate your workouts with my cutting-edge plans, meticulously designed to help you achieve your goals.


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Just wanted to share with you that one of my goals was to fit into my pink suit that I wore 3 years ago and I've done it! Thank you so much for helping me achieve this!



Today marks the end of my 6 weeks and I am 4.4kg lighter, physically smaller, and feel so much better. Along with some other benefits. Looking forward to working through the next faze with Wendy.



The 6-week program was a game changer for me. Wendy has designed an easy-to-follow meal plan and doable workout schedule that gives you results!!  Couldn’t recommend her more.



"I needed a hand with shifting that extra weight around my middle… that just wouldn’t budge! Loving my new waist and feeling fantastic in my favourite clothes!


My clothes fit more comfortably and I’ve slimming in my waist and thighs mainly. More tone & definition in my arms from the workouts. I’d certainly recommend Wendy to anyone

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 "I'm feeling better than ever - both physically and mentally."


"Best decision I have ever made!"



"I'm so grateful! Wendy transformed
my life!"


"I really can’t thank Wendy enough.
Truly transformed my life!”

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