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Are you tired of the one-size-fits-all programs that promise quick fixes but never deliver sustainable results? It's time to take control of your workouts with my Online Coaching Package for Women. 


Train Smarter. Achieve More

Transform Your Body with Customised Workouts  


  • Tailored to your specific goals, such as weight loss, muscle gain.
  • Workouts through my App. Suitable for all smart phones.
  • Support and Adaptation. Whether you need modifications, new challenges, or guidance.
  • Flexibility and Convenience. You can access your workouts from anywhere, allowing you to fit exercise into your schedule 

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

Unlock Your Best Self with my Online Coaching Programs

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In The Few Weeks, You Could…

  • Finally get the results you want
  • Look an feel amazing
  • Be healthy and confident

With a progressive training system to allow you to be able to train just like my elite clients.


Maximise Your Results

Discover the Benefits of a Personalised Workout Program!

Discover the Future of Fitness


Experience the Power of an Online Workout Program

You’ll learn how to:

  • Build and maintain lean muscle
  • Workout anywhere, anytime
  • Crush your goals

Ignite Your Progress with Personalised Online Coaching


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This Is For You If...

  • You struggle with what to do for a workout
  • You're a woman 40 or over
  • You haven't progressed with your weight loss or muscle gain
  • You want to save time and effort
  • You need accountability and support
  • You want to totally transform your body


I'm Wendy Broekx


Over the last 30 years I have helped people just like you achieve their goals, whether it be weight loss, fitness, health or just to be a happier version of themselves. Now it’s time to help you.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, shed body fat, gain muscle, or simply be healthier, my tailored programs are designed to optimise your success.

Get ready to unlock the power of customised workouts and transform your body!



"So easy to follow and convenient. Plus keeps me accountable. 

- Aideen

"The workouts and guidance have transformed me. I've achieved goals I never thought possible"

- Susan

I've seen significant improvements in my strength, and overall fitness level. Thank you Wendy!"

- Julie

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